Sunday, May 25, 2008

La Clinica de los Niños

This Thursday is the yearly volunteer trip with Shyann Kindness Project to Nogales, Arizona for La Clinica de los Niños.

Both organizations do amazing things to help children. However the Clinica at St Andrew's in Nogalas is truly exceptional!
They help special needs children from Mexico get the care they normally can't afford. It's all volunteer run, so the doctors and nurses are all volunteering to help these children just out of the kindness of their heart. Is amazing how many people come these clinics and how many children are helped. Families come throughout Mexico to Nogalas and walk over with day passes. Then they are bused from the border by St. Andrew's to the Clinica. I believes these clinics actually happen every Thursday.
Once a year my work partners with the Shyann Kindness Project and goes as a group to the Clinic. They brings coffee and food along with toys/books/art supplies/etc for the kids. It such a meaningful experience to be a part of, and I always leave in awe of the kindness that people give to others.
My work is also able to donate $10 for every volunteer hour. (I guess there are so nice things about corporations?) That means if 30 people come and volunteer for 4 hours that $1200 is donated. Pretty cool.

If anyone wants to come, I'm pretty sure this is an open event.
Or if you want to volunteer with St. Andrew's they are always looking for help.
Or... if you can't make it but still want to help, this year we are cooking all the pastries ourselves.
If you bake something I will pick it up!

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Chicks and ducklings and mice? OH MY!

Today my friend Mechelle had a "first day of summer" party at her house.
She lives in co-housing and the place is beautiful. I've been dying to get a chance to bring my kids over, because I knew they would just flip. They're both love being outside and I knew they go crazy for all the flowers and fruit trees everywhere.
And, of course, they did!
They also loved the fort, the playground, the kids room, the swimming pool, the hot tub, and the freedom to just run around unsupervised in this 5 acre wonderland.
It was a beautiful thing to watch.
It also makes me a little sad that they can't have they sort of freedom where we live now. Still how cool is it that we are able to hang out there.
What a great community!

Of course the biggest thrill for the kids came from the 3 day old ducklings and chicks. We started off our day with them, and then had to see them twice more before finally be able to depart.
And that's what they get for being all cute and fuzzy and adorable!
The only way we were able to pry the kids away from the the ducklings and the chicks was when Mechelle brought out the mouse and let Ari carry her around co-housing inside a plastic ball.
If it weren't for those early morning chores, my kids would so content to live on a farm.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

you know your exhausted when...

Your leaving your kids school and tell about five different people to have a good weekend before your husband reminds you that it's only Tuesday.

April 22, 2008

Learning a new language

No, not Spanish. But I am graduating into Conversational Spanish II next week, yeeeah.

I'm talking about sewing, or more literally Quilting.
I've learned so many new words today, that I think I need to start making flash cards. For instance "throat size," "feed dog," and "presser foot." I'm especially found of "throat size." There are several dimensions of your "throat size" too that are equally amusing.

So why do I get to learn this spectacular new language spoken only by the women of old?
Because I contacted Don's family and said "Hey we should all make a quilt together for Don's grandma!" Everyone make a square and then I will gleefully sew them together into a quilt.

I'm sure she will love it, and it's very exciting.
But I know absolutely nothing about sewing!
Several people have tried to teach me before, and I always fail miserably at it. But Mimi gave me her sewing machine, and I think that it would be special if I sewed the quilt together for her, so I will. She is 91 years old, and has made many quilts for all her children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren.

So today I embarked on the learning of the crazy sewing machine-thing. This monster even has a computer screen on it, veeery creepy.
(Possibly a good halloween costume for me, tho?)

Luckily for me my sister-in-law happens to be in town this weekend. She is my hero.
She knows just as much as I do about sewing, but she helped me conquer my fears.
She got me to plug in the machine and turn it on!
Then we opened the manual, and became instantaneously stuck on the first obstacle; How to Thread the Bobbin. We drove to the sewing store (my sewing machine has it's own store, scaaary...) and they showed us how.
I'm convinced that it's because we took the minivan, instead of the red mustang, but anyhow...
Now I am signed up for a basic sewing class, I'm still terrified, but hopefully someday I will master my new chosen language.
Then you will all get quilted vests for Christas! HA!!

Oct 16th, 2007

But tomorrow I have pottery...

I feel a little over whelmed with life these days.
I have this crazy schedule, and I'm always forgetting things.
Whenever it's my day to bring snack at my kid's school, I literally have to tape a note to myself so that I don't forget (and often do anyways.) Although I don't "do" anything, I never stop moving.
Then I just take up new responsibilities, because I can't say "no." Today I became a room parent in my older daughter's class. I'm suppose to coordinate all the other parents in her classroom and be in charge of activities. HA! I can't even get my own life on track. That makes sense!
Craft Fairs... Spanish Class...Stupid Family Quilt Thing.... Oh MY!

But at least I have pottery tomorrow.
The only thing that I do where there is no stressful thinking involved.
Just some good ol' clay juju.
Thursdays are good.

Oct 17, 2006


I love it/ I hate it/I love it/ I hate it.....

I absolutly LOVE bringing the kids out into the desert and teaching them about their environment. It's so much fun, and the kids come away with real appreciation for the desert.

I hate bringing other parents out into the desert, because all they do is complain and tell you what you are doing wrong. They even complain that the kids are complaining.

Why do grown-ups do this?

I just sent out an email staing that I'm not going to take Teagan's class out to BELL (Borton Environmental Learning Laboratory,) on Wednesdays anymore.
I just don't play well with others, I suppose.
Teagan will be heartbroken.

I can still focus on Ari's class, and I'm even taking a workshop that I'm extremely excited about in November. So as long as I don't have to deal with other parents, it will be smooth sailing.

Sept 25, 2007

Shyann Kindess Project

I volunteered today for the Shyann Kindness Project at St. Andrew's Children's Clinic in Nogalas, Arizona.

It was such an incredible experience, and I just wanted to share it.

First of all, for those of you who may not know Nogales is a border town. It extends across the border, so there's a Nogales in Mexico and in Arizona.

The St. Andrew's Clinica is a nondenominational, nonprofit organization that provides medical treatment to children with special needs. It opens up once a month and many doctors, nurses, and volunteers come to Nogales to help Mexican families receive medical attention that they cannot get in Mexico. St. Andrew's even provides a shuttle from the Mexican border to the clinic and then back again. So the clients get a day pass and walk across the border for the day.

This clinic is amazing, sad, and heartwarming all in one big bundle. It's hard to see these special needs children, but it's inspiring to see so many people come together to help them. Especially docters, who in my opinion are not the most selfless group I've meet.

Here is more info on this clinic

I actually volunteered through my work, which came to the clinic because of the Shyann Kindness Project. I won't go into their story, but here is their website please check it out. Their mission is basically to pass on kind acts in memory of their late daughter. It is also an incredible organization that makes you believe in humanity, which I personally find hard to do these days (thanks Bush!) They came to the clinic to pass out backpacks, stuffed animals, art supplies, and toys to the children. I was just serving free coffee, iced tea, soda, and pastries compliment of the "little" cafe I work at. But still, the experience was one of those life altering experiences. The compassion that was felt, the happy faces of the children, knowing that some people really care enough to leave their high paying jobs for a day to make a difference in a child's life. It was great! See not ALL people in the world work just to buy bigger and better things. People really do care and try to give back to their community. They even care about helping chidren who are immigrants and don't live in our beloved country.

This world ain't so bad after all.

Oh yeah,

I'm thinking of volunteering at Shyann Tuesday night, and maybe trying to collect things for them. Anyone interested????

June 7, 2007

my budding little entomologists

So my kids school has a 2.5 acre bird sanctuary behind it.

When she first started going to her school almost 2 years ago, it was pretty much a 2.5 acre wasteland.

After putting in many hours weekly, me and another mom have pretty much transformed it into something pretty decent. I think this year the teachers have even started bringing out their classes and utilizing it more. We (Betts and I is the "we" btw...) even put on an art show in the bird sanctuary this year. I really think it renewed a lot of interest in the area, and even tho it was WAY too much work for two people, it effin ROCKED!

Oh yeah, so back to my point there, I swear I'm getting to it... anyway...

Since I'm one of the two people that's always out in the BS, my daughter's teacher started asking me if I'd take some kids out there once a week. It's been so fun and the kids love it! It's just so thrilling to get children out into their natural environment and get them to appreciate it. Mostly we just do art, but we also talk a lot about the plants and insects and try to find quail.

Right now my daughters class is studying plants, so I brought in a praying mantis egg fot them to watch hatch. They hatched yesterday, and it was so exciting for they kids! Today we took the class out to the BS and released them. I said if they wanted to, they could all hold one (there are about 200 in an egg!) The teacher told her class that if anyone wanted to hold one to line up. They ALL quickly lined up, and soon had mantis babies crawling all over them. They were so ecstatic, and it made me so proud so see all these kids holding bugs and loving it. We talked about what they ate, why they are beneficial or unbeneficial in gardens, and just admired how damn cool they are. Then we let them go (most likely to be eaten my lizards or birds, right?) It just rocked my entire day!

Oh yeah, and I failed to mention that the mantids closest relative is the cockroach. Why ruin the bug love?

May 3, 2007

Oh the humanity!

I usually try not to post tramatic things that have happen to my friends here. I feel that it is their business and it's not mine to post to "whoever." But, I just can't help myself on this one.

WTF has happened to human compasion???

Someone I love and care about was mugged. In front of a busy grocery store with people all around. In front of her two small children.

She was dragged as the get away car sped off, and now have road rash on much of her body. Did I mention the kids were RIGHT there and saw the whole thing happen???

So the saddest part is to me is why NOBODY tried to help, call 911, anything. They all just stood there and watched. WHY?? She was screaming loudly the whole time, right in front of the store. People heard her, the saw her, but not one person tried to help..


It saddens me so much to know that people don't care enough for each other, that not one person did anything. What has happened to our culture?

I too upset to write anything else.

Feb 28, 2007

Painting Your House 101

1. If possible, never paint your house yourself.

2. Get a paint sprayer.

3. If you can't afford a paint sprayer, allow yourself at least a week to paint (cause of course it will rain,) and another week to recoup from the soar muscles.

4. Try and stay away from the whiskey while painting.

5. There are about 3 bazillion shades of white.

6. After spending 30 minutes trying to decide between "swiss coffee" white and "egret" white, your house will still end up fucking white!!!

7. It sucks when it gets windy and the whole side of your freshly painted house is now covered in dirt.

8. Never buy a paint sprayer from Ace Hardware, cause they don't work. Plus then you have to try and return it, and the people don't be liking that. In the meantime, you've lost another day of work.

Next week: Painting Trim 101

Jan 9, 2007

The Ice Cream House finally being painted!

It's a little sad now that I know why our house is painted a minty green with a bright pink trim. I guess it's suppose to look like ice cream. The previous owner also owned the Baskin and Robins up the street. So our house was affectionately called "The Ice Cream House." Sweet! When we bought the house it even came with an old ice cream freezer.

Since we bought the house three years ago we have pried off the security bars in the front of the house, and tore off the rotting shutters that framed the windows. So Now there are big gray rectangles where the shutters were. And since we started sanding down the paint some, the paint looks chipped. The poor little Ice Cream House is in a sad state.

If this isn't enough to make our house look completely tacky, there's more. I painted "Happy Birthday Ari" and a bunch of flowers on our windows last April. It was a special window foam that you can easily peel off after it dries. At least maybe you can in other states? Here it just melted into a gooey plastic and dripped down our window. I tried everything to get it off, but nothing worked (until the magnificent pressure washer that is.) And if that wasn't enough, I had to finger paint "PAINT ME" on the front.

But I only did that, cause Sarah dared me ...hehehe.

So .... adios casa del helado!

Jan 4, 2006

eight ball in the corner pocket.

For all those interested, our plumbing has FINALLY been fixed. Thanks to everyone who offered showers and bathroom privies this week! We called a plumber yesterday who had to snake the drain from the roof. Most of the drains cleared, except the bathtub. The plumber said there was just something caught in the P pipe, and showed us how to access it. So... Don has been working on the "T" pipe all day, and has finally figured out what was caught in the pipe. A small 8 ball. He still has yet to figure out how to get the ball out. Wish him luck, he still needs to write two papers and our kids are getting stinky.

Dec. 3, 2006

Say Waaat?

So for the last 3 weeks I've had this ear infection. It started off just being a little bit painful. I tried a few different homeopathic remedies (including putting whiskey in my ear to absorb the "goop.")

Since the ear infection started coming on after a bad cold, so I knew that it was due to some sinus-fun.

Needless to say, the whiskey or the garlic oil or the immunity boosters or the steam didn't help and it got WAY worse. The kinda "WAY worse" when all you can do is curl up in a ball rocking back and forth screaming and crying. Good times. I finally couldn't take the pain any more and went to Urgent Care. They prescribed something meaningless and told be to come back in about a week if it didn't help. So I came back the next week. Then they prescribed more things that were just as meaningless. Now it's been 3 weeks, and there is no WAY I'm going back to Urgent Care again! So I'm going back Au Naturale. I've got my mullein eardrops, and I'm taking lots of Echinacea Goldenseal. Wish me luck!

I just want to be able to hear again. Oh, did I mention I can't hear in my right ear at all? And when I talk it sounds to me like I'm talking underwater. I've become a master at the "smile and nod" technique these last few weeks, especially around other parents at my kid's school. I mean is it really worth asking them to repeat what they just said in my "good ear?"


Nov 8, 2006


There is something about autumn that just makes me all gitty inside.

I adore the radiant colors. The bright reds, yellows and browns of the leaves. It's just amazes me that nature can create all these colors on just one tree.

I also love the change in weather. The cool mornings and the warm breezes (sorry if I sound like a Hallmark card!) There is something in the air that just makes me happy. The smells, the feel, I don't know exactly?

But I think best of all is celebrating Halloween with my kids. Going to the pumpkin patch, deciding what to be and then making up costumes, carving pumkins, all that stuff. The kids get so into it, it's all so exciting to them.

Today we carved our pumpkins and roasted the seeds. They both drew pictures on their pumpkins, then I carved them out. It was THE most exciting thing ever to them. They loved pulling out the gooey seeds and feeling the inside. Ari quickly figured out how to shoot the seeds across the room with her two fingers. Then she would laugh and laugh. After we carved the pumpkins we roasted the seeds ate them. They came out really good too! After all our pumpkin fun the girls dressed up in there costumes and we went to this toy store up the street called Ms. Tiggy Winkles. They have a Halloween party for the kids every year and it's pretty cool. They have story telling and games, and even some trick or treating. It was so fun for the girls. They were so happy.

Aaaah, having kids rocks! It just makes the whole season even more special.

Oh yeah, and tomorrow we are decorating sugar skulls. What we do afterwards with them I don't know?

Oct 29, 2006


I HATE people who litter!

I hate them.

I hate them.

I hate them.

It is almost an uncontrolable hatred, really.

Especially the people that just chuck their fast food items out their window. I think they should all die.

I know, not very nice.

But they should.

Also FYI, if your smoking and decide to toss yer butt out the window, please look and see if the person behind you is riding on a motorcycle.


Oct. 12, 2006

bad mom

So, I gave up on getting a cell phone cuz my head hurt, and I was gonna quit my job. But now I'm thinking I'll just stay at my job, and get a cell phone instead.

I had a bad mommy moment that really upset me today. My child got out of school early for parent teacher conferences, and I forgot. The school tried to call when I never showed up, but I was out driving everyone in my family to school and back and was never home. LUCKILY, they reached Kathy who picked her up and took her to eggee's and then to the park (sorry about the pint, dude!) After trying to pick up my kid from school (who obviously was not there,) I had to drive home, which is pretty far, to call Kathy. Then I had to drive back across town to pick up my kid. Again, I am SO lucky! My kid is happy and at the park playing with her friend. She seems to be completly uneffected by the fact that her "bad mommy" forgot to pick her up from school.

All of this could have been prevented, if first of all I remembered, but then second if the school could have reached me.

Of course, this whole "cell phone" thing stems off of our car breaking down in the middle of the desert on our way back from Cali.

Boy that SUCKED!!

Sept 20, 2006


Feelin' a little sad. Somedays I just miss Danny, It's kinda like a roller coaster. I hate him/ I love him sorta thing? Often I can't figure it all out inside that little noggin of mine, tho I've spent years trying. In my dreams the "bad" and the "good" duke it out. I think the good usually wins out, but it's a tough battle. After all, we were young/in-love/highly-emotional/blahblahblah. It's like the two sides are dueling. But no matter what, somedays... even still, I'm just plain sad. I miss him. I have always loved him, cause he was my first love.

Also his whole family just plain rocks!

Okay, now I'm just being sappy.

snif, snif...

Aug 24th, 2006

pimp mobile

So first of all, here is the lovely situation on the Toyota. She was towed to a specialist today and is awaiting a new engine transplant sometime next week. Expensive, but less expensive than buying a whole new car.

In the meantime, we finally gave in and got a rental car. I tell ya I've never been so happy to go grocery shopping in my life! BTW, having to take the bus home from work during a monsoon..SUCKS! Of course the real clincher was that school starts on Monday, and it would be a nightmare trying to get both kids to school and back on the bus. The bus system just plain sucks here.

So yeah, we broke down and rented a "compact" car for the next couple of weeks. Just to get us around.

Since the rental company was out of compact cars, they graciously decided to upgrade us to an all white monstrous pimpmobile. It's the funniest car ever! We've got a moon roof, a GPS system, weird auto tinting mirrors, a lot of unknown buttons, and according to the garage "damn, that things got a hemi!"

So now that we are crackalactin' in our new gig, I think we need to give our family a makeover that suits our new ride? Fuzzy cowboy hats with feathers stickin' out, lots of polyester? Maybe a nice pleather trench coat for Don, and some sweet stir-up pants for me? Hmm... the possibilities are endless....

Also I need to mix a CD to play while I'm driving, I just HAVE TO! A good pimpmobile has to have some fly tunes, am I right?

Aug 11, 2006

The good, The bad, and The ugly.


Going to Oakland and hanging out with my amazing friends. I loved seeing everybody, and I had such a blast hanging out at Kitty's Wednesday night. Gawd, it was fun! Just being surrounded by friends, many of whom I hadn't seen in years. I really appreciated everyone who came tramping out that night, especially those who drove far and then had to be up at the butt-crack-o-dawn the next morning. I can't believe what efing cool friends I have (snif, snif...)


Only an hour and a half from Tucson. Cluck, cluck. Clunk, clunk. Our car dies. Out in the desert. No call box, no cell phone, hot as hell. I force the kids to stay out of the car, just in case someone hits it. I know, long shot. The cars is on the shoulder, but one of those paranoid mama things. The kids entertain themselves for a little while excavating old pottery chards, etc. But then they are just hot and cranky. Ari's fear of ants kicks in, Teagan's whining gets to an all time new level... Finally someone stops (okay it was only about 30 minutes, but it seemed like forever.) They have a cell and call the Highway Patrol for us. 10 minutes later they show up. We tried to call our insurance, but after about 15 minutes of listening to crampy music we hung up and let the copper call us a tow. We are near Gila Bend 110 miles away from home. Long story short, we get a tow to Tucson for a bit under $500, and we're finally back home. Hey, it always could of been worse, right?


The mechanic called today to give us the low down on our vehicle. It's the engine. This is a car that we just bought. It's not very old, and well cost us a pretty penny. It also took us like a month to find. So, yeah... that sucks. A new engine, they say is about 10 G's, a rebuilt one around 4. But, in the meantime we have no car and it will be a while before we have one again. We live in the desert and it's hot and just going to the grocery store now is a big deal.


Aug. 3, 2006

vineyards, vineyards.. everywhere...

So we made it through the Central Valley and my moms house. All went amazing well there, minus the episode where my gramma was a bit delusional and thought that my mom said all these bad things about her. Then my mom got mad and had me talk to my gramma and tell her that she never said them. My gramma started crying and telling me how she wishes she was dead and hates how my mom locks her in the house (which she does, but mostly because she has alzheimer's and she doesn't want her wandering off... again.) So my gramma's crying and crying. She is telling me she just has to live with it. Any time she trys to tell my mom anything she won't listen and just gives her more meds, and she can't do anything about it. She has given my mom all of her money and she has spent it all and she now has no control over her life. My mom's having a temper tantrum this whole time and is yelling and slamming doors. Then later I hear my mom telling my gramma that she's ruined the day and everyone (me, Don and the girls,) are afraid to be near her now because we're scared of her. Okay, really now?
So, besides all that, my mom's house was better than usual. I just feel sad for my gramma tho, cause I know how controlling my mom is. Also I can see how my mom just spends all of my gramma's money. She can never keep a job, so if it wasn't for my gramma supporting her she'd be out on the street (again.)
So with that behind us, we are now at Don's folks house in Geyserville. Locked away in a fortress of vineyards and olive groves. It's actually quite beautiful here, I always forget just how amazing it is.
Yesterday we went to the Ocean and played on the beach. I love the Ocean, I think it's what I miss the most living in Tucson. Hopefully tonight we will get to go to Napa and stay the night at Barrett and Holly's cool new pad, and then tomorrow we are going to be in Oakland for TWO DAYS!!!!
Yipee!! I can't wait to see all by friends and get away from all the presures of family. Just have fun and do whatever we want without having to ask for permission. OH yeah, it's gonna rock. Of course, the inlaws are still protesting our little side trip, but too bad.

Oh and one more thing, why is it hotter here than in Tucson? This is SO not fair!

July 24th, 2006

Hey, I'm going to hell. How about you?

I'm going to hell!

At least that's what everyone keeps telling me.

The Mormons fer sure, and most Christian based religions will concur.

Don's Born-Again sister will also gladly reinforce these beliefs.

But hey, at least living in Tucson had prepared me for my fate. I'll be use to the temperature there.

And from my understanding, most of my friends will be there too! So it'd be a like one big party really. I assume all vises will be in attendance as well? Cause really what IS a party in hell without all our vises that brought us there??

Anywho, all kidding aside... I don't understand why I am going to hell? Can someone fill be in here? I don't steal or go around killing people. I don't lie or cheat on my husband? And I fer sure I don't go around making false idols! I think I'm a pretty fuckin' good person (okay maybe I swear a little too much?) So why am I evil?

I'm not gonna go into the multitude of hypocrisies in Christianity, and why I don't believe in it.

I just really wanna understand this supposed fate of mine.

July 13, 2006


I hate Phoenix.

When I lived in the Bay Area, we would always refer to LA as the "Natural Resource Black Hole," as we watched our trees and water trickle down Highway 5. It seemed a shame that most people around us consciously conserved resources, while LA just consumes them.

So, I suppose it's just the same sibling rivalry? Two close cities. One is liberal and more environmentally concerned, while the other is more conservative and wants to develop.

Okay, so our natural rivers no longer run. Yet, many communities in Phoenix are next to man made lakes.

I dunno?

Anyway.... here's the point. I went to visit a close friend in one of Phoenix's many (many, many...) suburbs. It was great, I loved seeing my friend, and hanging out by the pool, and all that. But every time I go there I leave pissed off.

I hate all these "Master Communities." All these developers ripping out the natural desert, the farms, the ranches, ...the history! Just to put in the "imaginary paradises" for rich white retirees. If you want to live somewhere where there are lush green fields, why move to the desert?!!!

Okay, and being the tree hugger I am, I had to note on how many native plants I saw here... virtually none!

I know, maybe I'm naive. But, really. Why do we as humans feel the need to conquer nature? Why do we have to put in imaginary paradises in places where they sould not be. If you don't love the natural beauty of the desert, why the fuck move here?????

Does anyone understand about coevolution, and why native plants are so important?

Alright. I'm ranting. I know. I just get mad about all the developments ripping out all the natural landscape. I think it's sad, cause once it's gone... it's ain't coming back, ...ever, ever. Phoenix is even worse than LA, in the way they suck up natural resources as if they are commodities. I sit here trying to conserve. Volunteering hours every week just to tend to some little plot of land at my kids school. Just in hopes of preserving a small bit of nature and teaching kids how cool the desert is.

Is it even worth it?

Why preserve when others just gulp it all down??

Damn that supid Phoenix!!!

July 2, 2006

Berkeley High

Okay, so I recently got the cognition to go through my high school alumni on myspace, thanks to a certain someone.

So... after looking at several hundreds profiles of people that went to my high school during the same time I did, I have only one question? Where was I during high school????

I mean, I know my high school was big... I know I spent way too much time smoking pot across the street... I know I dropped out and did the "High School Proficiency Examination" thingy. But wtf??? Whose are these people? I think I recognized maybe seven people out of several hundred.

Did I really smoke that much?

July 21, 2006

Dia de San Juan

Here is Tucson, water is scared. Obviously, cause we live in the desert, right?! So, Dia de San Juan is an old traditional celebration here that is suppose to mark the first day of the monsoon season. It's actually on June 24th. St. John the Baptist is the patron saint of water, and it's a tribute to him. Since Tucson has such a huge Mexican influence (we were part of Mexico until not that long ago, really,) they still have celebrations here for it. From what I hear anyone whose name was Juan, or John, or Joan or anything near that was serenaded my musicians. Then there was a big fiesta, etc. Also , from what I understand it was a bad sign whenever the monsoon season started before the 24th. I'm just saying this cause we had our first monsoon today. Bad omen to the Catholics, but man it rocked!!!!

I LOVE the monsoons!!!!!!

June 21, 2008

digging my ditch.

Now that we are back I'm getting bombarded with all the responsibilities that I left behind. I have to go to the bird sanctuary and dig in all this irrigation line that we put in when the school year ended. If I leave the line exposed, then it will get damaged my the sun and chew up by all the we little rodent folks. So I really have to do it. But I don't wanna. The ground is really hard, and even if I wake up early in the morning it going to be hot as hell out there. Also the yucky guy across the street likes to watch me, and he kinda grosses me out. Well thanks to everyone who is reading this and listening to all my whining.

June 16, 2006

...and we're back!

Just a short note to let everyone know we are back and that all is well! We had a great trip, and and there are LOTS of pictures coming your way soon!!! The girls both traveled extremely well, especially yesterday considering what a long journey we had. It stared off with a two hour drive from Tenancingo to Mexico City, then a short side trip to the doctors office to check Ari out who coincidentally starting vomiting the night before and now had a fever. Luckily it was just a bug, but it came at the most inopportune time! After Ari's appointment our friends dropped us off at the airport where we waited for about 2 1/2 hours for our flight (mostly of course, in variuos lines.) The flight was three hours to Phoenix. Then another hour to get our bags, clear customs, and take a shuttle to our car. Two hours to drive home and grab a bite to eat. Once we were home we got to open a lovely package from Barrett and Holly with two little Mexican dresses inside (how perfect right?) The girls of course, had to put them before we got back into the car to pick up the dog, and make a few other essential stops. Okay, a beer run really, but we SO deserved it! We finally got "home" around 10 pm. Never one tantrum or loud protest or anything. Amazing! As for sicknesses... Teagan and I got the stomach bug and were pretty sick for several days in Tenancingo. Then, like I mentioned Ari started throwing up everywhere the day we were leaving. So basically Don is the only one who skated away clean and clear here. Also ironically, the first day that we are all completely healthy, is the first day we are back in the US! I'll write more about the trip details later, but I just wanted to let everyone know that we are all home. Once I figure out how to make an online album I'll post pictures too!

June 14, 2006

And we're off...

Tomorrow morning (or late tonight as I like to see it,) we make the big adventure. We (meaning I) get up about 4 am, finish packing, turn certain irrigation off, check others to seen if they work, blah-blah-blah. Write notes to the WONDERFUL friends who are taking care of animals/house. Then we are off by 5 am. Drive to Phoenix (2 hours) to park someplace near the airport. Take a shuttle over to the airport and check in by 7:45. Our plane leaves at 9:45 am, but being all international an all and not letting us print boarding passes today (grrrr) we need to be there two hours early. Oh did I mention the whole "owassa" thing? Whole nother story! So We get to Mexico City around 2:45 pm. I love the fact that it take us five hours to get there and only one hour to get back! Time changes are fun! We do the whole cab thing (no car seats, and have you ever driven in Mexico City? Fricken scary!) So we're at our Hotel at last! Right? Well... of course then we need to eat and be tourists and such. Oh yeah, our Spanish SUCKS! Okay three days later.... 2 1/2 hour bus ride south to Tenancingo, in a bus with no banos and two small children. Once we are there, I'm sure it will be beautiful and we will have friends an it will just be one big rainbow (go with me on this one.) Anywho it's an adventure and I'm excited! AND the kids are still awake and it's 11:30 pm. Guess I gotta go

June 4, 2006

Ice skating

Today was the first day of my ice skating class. Hells yez, I'm learning how to ice skate! And I didn't EVEN fall once!!

word to yer mother.

June 3, 2006

Rosa Parks

I was watching PBS with my daughter Teagan tonight. There was this special about following a few well known African American people, tracing their history, and all. So, we had a discussion about African people, slavery, emancipation, etc, (Oh yeah she's six by the way...) For some reason we came to Rosa Parks and I was telling her the story of how she wouldn't give up her seat on the bus for a white man, and about the bus boycotts. She said that the mean people who wanted her to get up should be the ones to have to ride in the back. That all the mean people should have to ride in the back, and that she didn't like mean people because they were too bossy. Okay, I gotta give a shout out to the kid!

Feb. 3, 2006

beater house.

I think I'm going to spray paint "paint me" on the front of our house. Any dares???

Jan. 26, 2006

Tucson Gardening

SO today I did a little gardening in my front "rocks." I watered my rocks after throwing at least 5 lbs. of coffee grounds all over them. Then I planted some bottles. Mostly beer bottles, but some water bottles too. If you think I've totally lost it, you should see the beautiful tin cans I also planted next to the bottles. Nothin' like a fine day of gardening in the desert!

Jan 19, 2006

Tree Huggin


I am a tree hugger.

I have always been a tree hugger.

I will always be a tree hugger.

I probably first noticed that I was a tree hugger when I was a child, but I really didn't hugged my first tree until college.

Some people said that I was just "experimenting" and that it was a fad, but deep down I knew that was not true.

I was finally not afraid of being myself, and I didn't care what others thought! If they really loved me they would accept me for who I was; A Fuckin' Tree Hugger!

Now I live in Arizona and there are not many trees to hug here, mostly just cactus. I'm a tree hugger, not a moron!

So, I have planted six tree on our property. They are a bit small now, but one day they will be big.

Oh, yeah.. We do have a huge eucalyptus tree in our front yard, but I'm a prejudice tree hugger. I do NOT do eucalyptus!

Jan 2006

Save our Drive-In

I was so bummed to learn today that our beloved drive-in just down the street is closing. As in for good!

I'm still whirling in shock.
The De Anza drive-in was one of our family's all time favorite activities.
Plus, it's so rare to live in a town with a drive-in these days.
It should be considered a historic landmark! But since Tucson sucks and passed prop. 207, nothing is historic anymore.
There's a small protest tonight in front of the drive-in at 6pm.
I think the only option that is availble for the drive-in is to relocated it.
Stupid Tucson! Stupid development!!

Here's more information.

Sad, sad day.

May 17, 2006

The nicest thing anyone has ever said to me.

Okay. Maybe not the nicest ever?

But, pretty darn close up there!

Today my friend asked me very nonchalantly as were were walking through the Tucson Botanical Gardens,
"So if your not busy, would you mind coming to my birth?"

Seriously, how do you compare anything to that?!!!

I mean what an honor have a friend want you present while they are giving birth!!!
I think it's the biggest compliment anyone could ever give you!

May 11, 2008

Maybe you need to give birth to really realize what a compliment this is.
After my husband ate tacos, I could have easily given birth without him in the room.
I believe he brushed his teeth three times before I allowed him near me.
Also neither of our moms were allowed, but my friend Randy was there for both.
Us ladies have the right to be picky about who we birth around, god daggit!
Anyway I feel so honored, I kinda want to cry.

It’s Tricky

As most of my friends know we've been working our booties off for the last two months trying to get ready for Ari's birthday party.
Not as much for her, as for us to finally have a party.
It's been a while, and I think the floors have been a huge reason why I haven't invited others into our homestead. They were gross.

So now that our floors are (almost) done it's party time!
If you're reading this and haven't been invited yet, consider this your official invitation.
We've been so busy, we haven't invited a lot of people yet, I suppose that may be important when planning a party? People.

So ever year for the past four years we given out mixed CD's as party favors.
It's become a tradition that special for Ari.
The complications is that my musical taste is primarily 80's punk . I've already exhausted most of my collection of "fluffy punk" songs. And every year the CD becomes harder.

But this year It's Tricky will definitely be on it.
Salt and Peppa may have to make a guest appearance as well.
For insight into the rest of this years fine musical selection you'll just have to show up.

April 18, 2008

The Family Jewels

Yesterday I found my moms old "stash box."

I was honestly really excited to find it and open it. I hadn't seen it in years, and I thought that it was lost.
She gave me this box when I was about 22 years old and I've realized that it my one possession of hers that really has meaning for me.

This box was always under the couch in the living room at house house on Addison St.
The "special" box, with the funny smell.
I don't know why but this box brings back fond memories of childhood.
Funny, how that is, but this box that gives me warm fuzzies. Maybe I just inhaled it's sweet aroma a little too long this morning?
I think the box reminds me of back it the day when my mom actually had a "stash."
She was happy and laughed a lot. She had lots of friends and parties, and life was good.
We had a piano, my mom played records, and she played the guitar every now and then.
The smell of the box just reminds me of this time in my life.

So go and take your great-great nana's diamond wedding ring, I don't care!
I have my mom's special box to pass down generations.
Stash Box
Oh and to double-score, I also found the ring Don gave me when he asked me to marry him instide the box! Oh the wealth my kids will inheret from me!

April 10, 2008

Littlest Pet Shop Cemetery

Our house is completely under construction at the moment as we s-l-o-w-l-y install stupid bamboo flooring (I’ve got a whole nother blog about that -thanks Jared!)
We are now forced to hang out outside a lot these days, which is actually great. The weather is bootiful and we have tons of finches all around our feeder.
OH, and did I mention all the wildflowers that are starting to pop up!
The front yard is now our only salvage.
(cause our back yard is too messy for me to handle... grapefruit anyone?)

The frontyard is where the girls play all afternoon.

They love these the Littlest Pet Shop thingys right now.
For those poor people that aren’t wise of these LPS ways, they are these cutesie little plastic animals with bobble heads.
I find them frightening, the kids love them.
So, now these animals have completely inhabited our whole front yard.
They have quickly mobilized and colonized the front yard.
These things own plant-houses, have lakes, forests, parks, and even have medicinal gardens and sugar cane fields.
Plus some have died in their great colonial efforts, so there is a cemetery.
Their graves have tombstones and flowers on top of them.
And YES, there is even a heaven for those folks that have been true to their bobble-headed faith.
Coincidently it’s underneath the bird feeder, so it’s filled with seed husks and bird poop.
Is this really what my kids envision heaven to be like??? Hmmm.

I planted a Santa Rita Prickly Pear next to an Acacia tree today when my 8 year old told me that the Acacia was the "nurse tree" and eventually the prickly pear would take all it’s resources and kill it.
I think she’s wrong, I think only a saguaro would do that? Prickly pears are too small.
But still, I felt a little dumb-founded. What if she’s right?
And who majored in Natural Resources at UCB?

March 15, 2008

El Anatsui, bottle trees, and such

We went to see an exhibit by El Anatsui this Saturday (which my kids STILL proclaim "the best day ever!")

It was beautiful, amazing and quite inspiring.
Huge tapestries and sculptures all done from recycled products.
I was so amazed by his work that I looked him up online afterwards just to find more of his artwork. What he does with "trash" is so beautiful, and it really makes you think about our culture more.
How we consume (...and comsume, ...and consume some more,) without any relationship on what our trash does to our surroundings.
We've completely removed ourselves from our environment. We try to control it and not work within in. Ya knows what I mean (come on and give me a "whoop-whoop!)
Anywho here is his website,:
If you get a chance to see his work, do it.
It may just be your "best day ever!"

So as I was planting my flowers (made from tin cans,) and installing an edging around them (upside-down bottles,) I started think about bottle trees.
This very wise woman (that's you Rebecca!) once told me about these strange things that the southern peeps have. I've always "meant" to google the things, but you know how that goes! So while it was fresh in me brain I looked it up, and here is what I found...

Bottle Trees were brought to the U.S. by slaves from Africa. They were very popular in the south, especially in Mississippi, around the 1950's.

superstition behind them is that the bottle trees were place near the entrance of the front door. Evil spirits trying to enter your house would then become caught inside the bottles. On windy days you could even hear the spirits that were trapped inside (whoooo....)
From what I understand they are not as big now superstition-wise as they were in the 50's, but have become more of a folk art. Here some pics from along Highway 66
Since it has become more artsy, people have also become more clever with their bottle trees. So if you have a small apartment, you may way to go for a bonsai tree
And if yer just plain lazy, but love the retro look you can order them online, bottles and all!
So as I searched the wondrous web, I also found someone's personal blog about how they made their very own bottle tree out of and old Christmas tree.
And hey, guess what???
I just happen to have and old Christmas tree sitting in our front yard (yep, we cool like that!)
So I brought out the ol' shears and cut it down. Then I dug up the stand and whaala...


So back to El Anatsui....
I loved the quote that he had posted up in his exhibit, so I thought I'd share...

"Art grows out of each particular situation, and I believe that artists are better off working with whatever their environment throws up."

So, I'm a guessin' that means that the environment threw up my Christmas tree?

Jan 24, 2008

Teagan’s definition of "table."

Table ~tA-bel (verb)
When one pulls their sister's loose front tooth up, so that it is completely perpendicular with her other teeth.
Therefore forming a "table."

Your welcome for fantastic visual!
If I had a camera I would include a picture to go with!!

Dec. 5th 2007