Thursday, November 27, 2008

I just can't stop myself!

These are all local Tucson artist, and as I looked I realized that a lot of these artist are more local than I even realized!
I guess this is my version of Black Friday?!

But I just lurve these fabrics! Check out All Above Fabric and you will realize my obsession.

And talk about local!
Here are two artists I found from my daughter's amazing school.
Cosmo's Mom
Chet's Mom

There use to be the cutest little coin purse on here at Siobhan Clothing .
Heh heh.

And here is Chandra's friend, Jessica at Rainestorm .

Looking for something cute and local for a small child? Look no further!
Woolies Shop

And I love the onesies at dinglee . If they weren't $30 a pop I would have added one to my shopping list fer sure!

Also super cute!
And sweet yet simple!
I've always liked Liz Vaughn's paintings!

OH, and if you were my real friend you would buy me a purse from Species Designs or Blind Cicada!

I mean really? I just totally took care of all y'alls Christmas shopping!

Shop Local!

We decided to shop local for our in-laws this year.
Etsy is just the worst place to go online when you decide to do this.

Anywho, I just bought this little coin purse for my SIL in Australia.

So addicting, please stop meeeee...

"Best Thankgiving ever!"

That's what both my kids proclaimed today was.
Actually Ari insisted that it was also our first Thanksgiving ever. And I suppose it kinds was. Our first one at home at least.
Usually we go over to Don's grandparents house and have dinner with them. It's nice to see them, but other than dressing nice it's no different from the other days we visit. The kids like going there, but they get bored and aren't allowed to play with much.

For today we actually broke out the fine china for the first time ever! That in itself was reason to party!! Teags was so into it and wanted to help out as much as possible. She decorated the table long before it was time to eat, and made little turkey place settings for all her family. Ari supplied the pine cone turkey and Barrett supplied the fine Terra Valentine wine.

It really was perfect.
It rained all day, which in Tucson is rare and special.
In between the rain we decorated our outside mesquite tree for Christmas and went for walks. We let the chickens out and Teags and Ari held umbrellas over them and then they danced in the rain.
We played board games and Teagan made us all gifts of homemade books. Ari made us cut out animals and monsters, I think?
Most of all it was easy and non-stressful. Is it rude to say that most of the tranquility was because of the lack of in-laws present? Probably, but I'm guessing that all 3 people that actually read my blog will keep my secret safe!

OH, and did I mention we cooked our very first turkey?
It was a sweet little 10 lb. free range turkey and he (or she) was delicious!


Teagan entertained us with many Thanksgiving jokes.

Here's some pics of our tree ourside, which every year I swear I won't decorated again. Mesquites are prickly!

We also saw two red-tailed hawks in the sky, which was fascinating to the kids.
I think Teags is looking for it in that last pic?

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

All Souls et al.

I've been stressed out and busy and now I'm just looking for something to get my mind off what I should be doing.
Anyway pictures from our Day of the Dead and Alls Souls week have been looming in my mind and now it's time to get this monkey off my back.

First, are pictures from the Day of the Dead festivals at the Tucson Museum of Art.
Plus a little piece of advice...
...don't paint your kids faces for the event.
It's not the face painting kind of event and your children will be mortified the whole time, and probably have to seek therapy at some point.
(Teagan thinking about how much her mom just humiliated her in public.)

Procession of Little Angles.
Clare's alter was on display here and the girls meet up with some buddies.

And last but not least (drum roll please....) the All Souls Procession!
This year we went with Sophie and her mom, and meet up along the way with Isabelle her sister Mia and their parents. We tried to stay for the finale to watch Sophie's dad hanging off the the crane, but once again the kids got too tired and wanted to go home.
We lived in Tucson for five years now, and haven't missed a procession yet.
I think it remains my favorite thing about Tucson.
Obviously, it's cool to paint your face at the All Souls Procession, just not the Day of the Dead one. Word.

Sunday, November 9, 2008


I thought of waiting until after tonight and then posting a big Halloween/ Day O Dead post.

But, now I'm realizing it would just be too big.
Both holidays are big for us, and there are way too many photo's to share with y'all.
So I'll just start with holidays past.

This year we had a big Hallow Weenie party at our house. It was so much fun!
In years before the party was held at our friend Chandra's house, but since she moved away she has left us with a Weenie void. Thanks a lot Chandra!
So this year we hosted the party instead and it was a little bittersweet.

We went trick or treating in a big group, then came back to food, music (my halloween mix rocked btw,) kid craziness, and grown-ups finally getting a chance to relax.
There were eyeballs in the chili, dry ice in the juice, fog machines a-blasting, and sugars skulls galore. The trampoline and new playhouse helped the kids out with their sugar highs, and the cocktails helped us grown-ups wind down.
Hopefully all slept well afterwards!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Clare Hope

Not to make everyone weep while they read my blog again, but I just now saw this and had to share!
I was searching for a picture of Clare to use for an alter and I couldn't find the one I had saved on my computer. I'm making an alter for her for the Procession of the Little Angles this Saturday.
I finished one of two plaques I made for Clare a couple weeks back and emailed a picture of it to my good friend Jill, Clare's daughter. I'm planning on mailing Clare's family the plaque after I use it in the alter.
I never received an email back, and never really thought about it.
But just now I went to Clare's memorial page to see if I could copy her picture off for her alter and saw this:
Clare's Hompage .

I can't quite describe what I feel right now.
I guess just feel so honored that a picture of my plaque is up?

Now I'm even more enthusiastic about making and alter for her for Saturday! Plus I know if I had died first she'd be the one making one for me.
One of the reasons I love the whole Dia de Los Muertos celebration, is it lets you celebrates the lives of people who have died instead of just mourning their deaths.
And if anyone knew Clare they knew she loved to celebrate and threw the best parties!