Saturday, January 2, 2010

New Year!

We rung in the New Year with yummy black eyed peas and greens! So delicious.
I'm hoping those peas bring us good luck and a better year than last.
Also, I didn't let Don do laundry, it's bad luck.
Did I mention my husband does the laundry and the dishes?
I guess I have a lot to be thankful for, even if Teagan's underwear is often in my drawer (which I take as a compliment.)

Today I began my new year by painting over hard feelings.
Quite literally.

Last summer our kids playhouse plus many of their toys were spray painted while we were away. Not by vandalistic teenagers, but by our house sitter's 5 year old son and his friend.
Also two chickens were left out and killed by a cat.
I'm still a little depressed by it all and my kids never like to go in their playhouse. I think it's filled with sad feeling for us all.
It was a bad return home from an otherwise fabulous vacation.

So new year, new beginnings.
Starting with the playhouse!

I began painting it a cheery yellow today. I'm going to paint the trim white. Teagan got some cute owl wall stickers from Santa that will look darling in it too.
Here are a couple pictures of the spray painted things (there were a lot of expensive toys too, much of them I just threw out.)


Oops. I forgot to paint the door...

Anyway there's such a happy feeling inside now and it's going to be super cute when it's all done.
It feels so good to paint over the bad memories and start fresh!