Sunday, August 16, 2009

Pot n'tots

This summer has blessed me with two new babies!
OH, how I love them little babies, I do!
Plus I love the mamas. Holly and Stephanie and two of my fav peeps.

I got the pattern online on turning onsies into dresses.
These dresses are made from recycled onsies I bought at the the thrift shop and fabric I just had on hand from my recent fabric hording rampage.


Onsie dress

Besides my sewing excursion, when I've been home this summer I've spent my creative outlet in the pot shop.
Sad to say that I have not been home enough this summer, plus had to miss two classes due to sickness and kiddos (Ari and mama need a little one on one time,) so I wasn't around much in pottery.
All I made this whole summer were two pieces. Sigh.
Oh well, there always next session, right?