Monday, November 2, 2009

We have had a rough weekend.
Thursday night while I was a work the kids found a cat hiding underneath their playhouse.
Actually I guess Carmen found it, it had been hit by a car.
Don put him in the garage. He was incredibly loving and affectionate, and was jumping around the room wanting to be snuggled.
But he had a HUGE open wound on the side of him. I mean HUGE.
We debated what to do with him, and then a friend suggested her vet might be caring and give us help.
So we decided to pay for the visit to see what she had to say.
We had already look into all the shelters, they are all full.
I guess a sign of a bad economy is people dumping off pets left and right.
The Humane Society or Animal Shelter would put him to sleep.
We all kind of fell in love with him and made a family decision to try and help him.
We decided to pay for a visit to the vet, look for his owners ourselves.
When we brought him to the vet, we were told that first, "she" was an altered "he" (oops,)and secondly that he had been hit about 1-2 weeks ago.
His fur had all dried up and therefore it could not been sewn back.
He'd need several surgeries.
If he didn't get them the wound would always stay open and it would get infected.
We told her that we don't have the money to pay for anything like that (esp. since he's not our cat!)
The vet was nice and offer to take the cat for the weekend, clean out his wounds as much as possible, put him under and do a little stitch work at no cost, while we looked for his owners.
SO we have spent this whole weekend searching high and low for the owners of a cat!
Notices everywhere, craigslist, emails, newspapers, etc all weekend without any leads.
They kids were getting sad about not finding his owners.
Finally I put out a plea for any advice on what to do with this poor cat on craigslist.
And... late last night, someone offered to help him.
She wants us to take him to the vet she works with today.
She (or the organization she works with?) will pay for his surgery and then find him a home.
YAY!!! Teagan and Ari are so happy!!!
I was even happier.
Yay, to happy endings and second chances!!