Friday, May 28, 2010

Day 3 in Mexico City

Today we walked our guero butts over to the language school and signed up for classes. We all start Monday! As you can imagine the girls were delighted to learn that while all their friends are relaxing and swimming this summer they will walking several miles and going to school to learn Spanish. YAY!!! Look at the excitement in their eyes!


As we walked back home I saw this sign on the bus stop. Hmm... ?
Just in case you had any doubt about how Mexicans feel about SB 1070.

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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Day two:

Mexican plumbing is not my friend.
I guess you cannot flush toilet paper down the toilet here?
I have been plunging and dumping hot water down the toilet all day.
As soon as I get it somewhat cleared out ... there is a new prize for me in there and I start all over again.
I guess I need to call or email the landlord.

We walked around a little today, trying to find the large park Viveros de Coyoacan. Don didn't really know where it was, but insisted it was just right up the street. An hour, two crying kids, and many blisters later we just turned around and came home.

I have to admit I really do not want to be here, but I'm trying to make the most of it. It would be entirely different if I spoke spanish, but I don't understand anything that's going on around me and it's very frustrating.
Plus I do not understand why we are here if Don can't speak spanish? His whole dissertation is based on interviewing Mexican cab drivers. I seem to the only person here that think speaking the language is important. Which is also very frustrating.
Plus the poop issue, not a good day.
Oh lord! Hope is gets better.

Mexico City, baby!

I going to try and actually keep up this blog while we are here in DF, wish me luck!

Day numero uno:

My family and I are living in Mexico City for 3 months.
We are staying in Coyoacan in a social help building. So while Coyoacan is a rather expensive place to live, our apartment building is pretty mixed and family oriented. It's also very loud at times with lots of activity all around.
Don's not to fond of that part.
We were lucky to have good friends with good relatives and were able to get a ride to our apartment from the airport, saving us a cab ride.
It's always an adventure driving here! Cars are going every different direction at once and honking, it seems like complete pandemonium. But I'm sure there is some kind of hidden order? The biggest car gets the right of way, maybe?
When we got to our apartment and settled in we had to go grocery shopping for food and to make dinner. We were told by our landlord to go to the "Mega" about three blocks away. We are definitely going to need to teach our children how to walk in a big city! They were all over the sidewalk, in everyones way. The Mega did not lie. It was MEGA. More mega than 5 Food Cities and a walmart smashed into 1. Two stories with a parking garage below. It was hard to just find what we needed and leave.
Eventually we did finagle our way out of the store and walked back to our new home.

The girl settled into Scooby-Doo en espanol, and were delighted to find an occupied nest right outside their window. They have been watching the mother inca dove care for her little chick through out the evening.
We also watched the kids below play soccer and people walking their dogs.
After we ate dinner the thunder kicked in, then rain and lightening!
What a welcome!!!