Sunday, December 14, 2008


There's this older couple that comes into my coffee shop a lot. They are they so polite and nice, and alway ask how me and my family are doing.
They get a small coffee and a water ALWAYS. Well, at least for the four years I've been there.
When they go one vacation, they bring their photos in afterwards to share.
They often dress in coordinating colors.
They are pretty darn adorable. I secretly hope to be like them when Don and I are older.
They know most of the other regulars, and when they miss a couple days other customers ask me where they are.
They told me a few months ago that their son died when he was 40.
Ester, the wife, gets teary eyed talking about him.
They don't have much family around, so I think the coffee shop has kinda become their extended family.

Today they brought in a Christmas card for me.
I was so touched, it was so thoughtful.
When I open it there was money in it.
I seriously felt like I was a kid getting a card from my grandparents.
Except I wasn't and they are just customers that I see maybe once a week.

I actually cried.
Then I cried, when I told my co-workers about the card.
Then I cried when I told my husband.
Now I'm about to cry again.

It was just floored that they even thought about me enough to write a card.
But sticking money in it?
Don't they know I'm way too emotional for that!