Monday, March 22, 2010

Sleep tight!

I fixed up the girls bunk beds yesterday.
I bought nice semi-matching quilts thanks to my $10 off coupon from Burlington Coat Factory. Okay, that's a joke.
I was lured into the store, because of the coupon. The quilts were $30 each, so really the $10 off was just a lame excuse to buy them. But aren't they puuuurty?!!
My rational was thus:

1. Make the kids room and beds presentable for whoever will be staying at our house this summer.

2. Encourage my children to want to clean there room, by giving them an incentive.

3. Encourage my children to sleep in their own beds my making them all pretty-like.

So, here is the result:

Yes, I think the beds do look at lot nicer.
Yes, the kids did clean up a little, but you can hardly tell. They also "decorated" their beds, meaning even MORE junk!
YES, they actually slept in their owns beds last night!!!! WOOT!!!
I am feeling quite justified in my cutesy quilt purchased.
(Plus it also justifies my earlier bamboo sheet purchase :)

Today I furthered my splurging binge by buying one of those baby rail guards, because the top bunk doesn't have any railing. I'm sure all of us grew up without railing on the top bunk, but we also started on the bottom and learned through trial and error not to fall off. But my soft children have not have this important learning curve in their lives.
I am really paranoid that my 10 year old will roll right off.
To justify that the rail was not a "baby" rail, I made a cover for it and cut the "First Years" tag off. Teagan picked out the fabric. Now she can sleep safely without plummeting to her death in the middle of the night.
If you can't tell it's chicken fabric.


She can sleep.
I can sleep.
And if I want too, I can now turn over and sleep on my side. Or my back?? Or my other side???

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Holladay Magnet School

An awesome day in Mr. Wagner's 4th grade class.

First, a piano was rolled into class.

Since Holladay is a performing arts magnet school, this is actually quite an easy thing to do. There are several pianos in the hallway that can just be rolled into a classroom. One of my favorite things at Holladay is seeing kids just sit down and start playing. Just because the pianos are there.
After the piano arrived, kids moved their groups of tables over in preparation of their two special guests. A pianist/cornet player and another puppeteer.

In Wagner's class, as a reward for good behavior, every Friday children are allowed to do their own puppet show. Eric Wagner is a puppeteer. He is also the coolest teacher ever.

Today was special, because the class got to see professionals. Very serious professionals that strive to teach these children life lessons through the fine art of shadow puppets.
Or something like that...?

Afterward, Wagner's class got to participate in a taste test for TUSD's new cafeteria items: Beef Flautas and Turkey Wraps.
It must have been hard to taste food after all the donuts they just ate from having two classmate's celebrate their birthdays that day?

Then to top off their extremely rough day. Kids were forced to play on the playground the rest of the day... with each other!
You can just see the torment in their faces.


Apparently, Mr. Wagner's class were not the only class having fun that day.
As I walked past Mrs. Stembridge's classroom, I saw all three 3rd grade classes in there in a break dance circle. And I believe I saw Stembridge and Redman dancing. I'm sure if Redman wasn't 8 months pregnant she would have been in the middle doing a head spin.

Wow, Holladay rocks!