Thursday, August 21, 2008


What a horrible day!
Both kids went to the dentist with there dad on Tuesday and returned grim.

Both kids had been doing well tooth-wise so I was really surprised to hear they both had several cavities.
I wasn't sure the exact number because my husband couldn't remember.
He claimed they used medical mumbo-jumbo and he couldn't understand a word.
Personally I don't understand what could have been so confusing about "your daughter has _ many cavities." Also he couldn't remember which kid had what.
I swear if I would have been there I would have known exactly what was wrong with each kid! Honestly, I just don't get it?
Anyway it turned out T had 5 cavities and Ari 3. I was floored! Who doesn't remember 5 cavities?!!
Naturally I learn the number not for my husband, but from the dentist who is about to start drilling.

T was called in first and put a death grip on me when she heard her name.
So I went in with her, leaving Don to go with Ari. Ari is way more brave and independent than her big sis anyway!

Teagan grips me all the way to the room, completely scared to death.
The assistant puts her in the seat and give her nitrous.
Not much obviously, but just enough to make her feel a little weird and freak out even more.
The doctor comes in and numbs her gums, while I rub her ankle because that's all I can reach.

I know I'm making this office sound bad, and it's not at all. I feel lucky to be able to sit in the room with her, most dentists don't parents in at all. Everyone there was very sweet and comforting, and there's a DVD playing a recent movie on the ceiling. Plus, who ever got nitrous for a cavity before?
Honestly, I just wanted to pull the nitrous off T's little nose and give it to someone who needed it way more, ME!

After the doctor numbs Teagan's gums and gives her shots, Teagan starts to really freak out.
She's crying uncontrollably. "Please take me home, please, PLEEEASE!" Over and over, the whole office just echoed. It was heart wrenching. I was looking in her eyes telling her that the rest would be easier as I was crying too. I just felt so bad. I couldn't take her away or I would.

The rest of the appointment went slightly better, after she stopped screaming and crying.
She had 3 cavities filled on her left side.
Afterwards she said that it didn't hurt that much, and had no idea that she had gotten a shot in her gums.
Ari was braver, but hated the feeling of her cheeks being numb and cried when we got home.
Today really sucked.
In 2 weeks they both get to go back again.

I think we are going to brush our teeth 20 times a day after this.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

more BS

Another year in the Borton Bird Sanctuary awaits.
It still feels way too hot out there, but just as peaceful as always.
Friday we will start our volunteer tour and orientation of our quaint little sanctuary.
By "we," I mean other BS people. Not me.
I get to hang out and weed at my other daughters school.

So many weeds, so many schools...

Here are a couple of pictures I took yesterday of the barrel cacti that are blooming.
I tried to harvest some "tuna" yesterday, but I was beaten to the juicy prickly pear fruit!
Theyt had all vanished!
I was hoping to make juice with Ari's class too. Next time I'll be quicker!
I'm still not sure what beat me, man or bird?
I think both?

Well, here are some pics for your viewing pleasure:

The last one makes me happy for some reason ;)