Saturday, December 19, 2009

Doomed I tell you!

My quirky father-in-law sent out and email today proving my long thought out theory.
That Anderson's are all loco, regardless of their age and gender.

Pictures taken in 2006:


Don's grandfather Donald and Teagan imitating:


Pictures taken in 2009:
(Same restaurant!)



I believe that we are helpless.
The nutty Anderson gene must be more dominant than my hippy Kolb gene.
But if Teagan grows up to be 98 and can still balance a tortilla chip on her lips I'll be pretty damn happy.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Undocumented elves anyone???

Are hiring elves that don't have the right papers illegal?
I need to know cause I need to get my sweatshop, um, I mean workshop flowing.

I feel a little guilty that I make things for other peoples kids, but never my own.
Of course that is not entirely true, but for the most part, yep.
Minus the retarded owl.
Oh wait, sorry, that is not very p.c.?
He is a "special-tarded" owl.

So here is my sweetshop, so far.

Felt cupcakes for niece in Australia (nice and light for shipping yo.)

Eggs, bacon and evil knife for niece with parents who understand my sick sense of humor.

Random bag for a classmate of Teagans...

Onsies made for friend and soon to be neighbor. :)

And special owl for daughter.
Notice that one wing is sewn upside-down... yeah I TOTALLY meant to do that!

See, he's just bustin' a move.