Saturday, August 7, 2010


We are coming on the last legs of our three months in Mexico City, and it's time to reflect on our kick-ass friends and family that have we been able to visit with while we have been here. Don's family, Mary and Tim, and of course the lovely Hidalgo family!
One of the best surprises is when you get a chance to meet up with people that you don't know very well, and end up having such a great time with them! This happened with Mary and Tim Rogers, Mary is a 5th grade teacher at my daughter's school in Tucson.

We toured Chapultepec with them, and it was such a great fun. I wish we got to hang out with them more. But maybe back in Tucson. And everyone cross your fingers that Teagan is in Mary's class next year!!!
Then she'll be forced to hang out with me, muahaha...



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CB said...

Too cool!! I've been following your blog all summer, but I haven't been commenting much. We can't WAIT to have you back with us!! Rebecca and I took a Zumba class tonight and it was fun, but it would've been CRAZY fun with you there! Sending you some gigantic hugs!